What is “Siempre Con Alegria”?

It can be difficult to put it into words, but do you remember minute 75 of the 2011 Gold Cup Final?

USA vs Mexico.

Giovani Dos Santos receives the ball dangerously close to the six yard box, Tim Howard immediately closes off the angle, in this situation a player without alegria would have tried to shoot being so close to goal or would have tried finding a teammate, but not a player that finds alegria within everything they do, a player that remembers playing in the streets and knows that having the ball close to your feet is the best way to play.Gio2Santos

Giovani dos Santos does the unexpected, he takes his first touch away from goal, his second touch is to tease Howard, he goes on to drag Howard out of his goal with another FIVE touches avoiding Howard’s hands, like a kid avoids his moms chancla.

Giovani has shaken Howard off and is now surrounded by six white shirts. Gio takes a big touch to create enough space to shoot, but he does not simply take a shot on goal knowing that it’s an open net, he is a player with ALEGRIA! As two USA players lunge in to attempt to block his shot Giovani chips the ball from just inside the 18 yard box and into the top left corner of the goal.2011-0625-Steve-Cherundolo-Jermaine-Jones-Giovanni-Dos-Santos

Smile on his face. Arms in the air.
Alegria with every step he takes as he celebrates his goal.

Siempre Con Alegria is embodied in this play and many others that happen around the world, whether its on a pitch or the streets alegria is all around us.


alegria-  Joy, happiness, hope and positivity.
chancla- a sandal that Hispanic moms and grandmas use to discipline children.
siempre con alegria- Joy and happiness that we can all implement in our lives to improve our way of life. 


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